10490 NSDAP MEMBER'S EAGLE PIN - Worn usually on free local sex has been offered by the best sex sites at Able Dating the necktie; wingspan 25mm; RZM marked, M1/72. Excellent silvering.



N.S.D.A.P. Land Öst Hitlerbewegung. - Ges Gesch "B," 24mm, enameled membership badge, PB, round pin attachment; in excellent condition; some patina. RARE


19479 HOUSE OF GERMAN CULTURE 1933 - Year 1937, 33mm, marked DESCHLER & SOHN, MÜNCHEN; obverse antiqued gold, reverse to stamped brass, typical round PB attachment plate, crisp strike, unworn condition.


21814 DEUTSCHER REICHSBUND für LEIBESÜBUNGEN - (German Federal Association for Calisthenics) 15x37mm, bronze, Ges Gesch & maker marked logo HERMANN AURICH with "DRL" all on reverse, PB. In Excellent Condition.


22464 DEUTSCHER STENOGRAPHENBUND - (German Stenographer Association) 10x15mm, enameled, PB, in Excellent Condition.


40090 REICHARBEITSDIENST (RAD/wJ) (Federal work service of the female youth ) awarded in Bronze, Silver & Gold; zink, finish oxidised. 


21686 RAD/wJ FEMALE BROOCH - Reich Worker's Service for Female Youth; Bronze, Rank  Maidenunterführein; maker marked "A" for Assmann, 44mm diameter; in MINT condition.


22333 REICHARBEITSDIENST (RAD/wJ) (Federal work service of the female youth ), zink, width 40mm, in excellent condition.


7749 REICHARBEITSDIENST (RAD/wJ) (Federal work service of the female youth ) awarded in Bronze, Silver & Gold; aluminum, maker marked "A" Assmann & Söhne. In good condition.


10872 NSDAP PARTY BADGE - 22mm, lacquered, RZM double ring, M1/17, maker E.W. ASSMANN & SÖHNE, LÜDENSCHEID; crimped pin-back; In Excellent Condition.


10747 NSDAP PARTY BADGE - 22mm, lacquered, RZM double ringed, M1/108, maker SCHRODER & CO., LÜDENSCHEID; pin-backed, crimped; In Excellent Condition.


6562 DEUTSCHER SCHÜTZENBUND GAUMEISTER 1933 (DSB)- German Protection Association;  Gaumeister Award, 30x50mm; maker marked,  E. SCHMIDHÄUSSLER, PFÖRZHEIM; PB, copper, beautiful darkened finish. 


21687 NSKOV 50 YEAR SERVICE PIN - Gold Wreath, maker marked "6" under the pin;, FRITZ ZIMMERMANN, STUTTGART;  PB, in MINT CONDITION.


21740 NSKOV 40 YEAR SERVICE PIN - Gold wreath, enameled standard emblem, maker marked "5" under the pin; HERMAN WERNSTEIN, JENA-LÖBSTEDT; in Excellent Condition.


22231 NSKOV MEMBERSHIP BADGE -  15x30mm, German Silver, PB, marked "Ges Gesch, DESCHLER, MÜNCHEN"; very light wear.


40987 DAV 40 YEAR MEMBERSHIP BADGE - 45mm, Deutscher Alpen Verein; In Very good Condition; PB, maker DESCHLER, MÜNCHEN.


20270 DER STAHLHELM MEMBER BADGE - Maker marked "N & H Ges Gesch"; good silvering, PB, Iron Cross on the helmet; in excellent condition.


20562 RED CROSS "SCHWESTERNHELFERIN" B -  Lacquered version, kriegsmetal, 35mm diameter, aged but unworn.  Maker marked "B over G"; Gustav Bremer?; 


8100 DEUTSCHES FRAUENWERK BADGE - Full size, 30x33mm, "Deutsches Frauenwerk" in red enamel, black enamel badge with women's runes; maker marked RZM M1/102, PB. Excellent Condition


21722 NS FRAUENSCHAFT BADGE -  Full Size Women's party badge; 40x45mm; RZM marked; no border, Black swastika;


40088 RAD (NATIONAL SOZIALISTISCHE ARBEITSDIENST) FREIWILLIGER ARBEITSDIENST - 23mm, unmarked, Ges Gesch, enamel crack across the white of the badge, light chip over the "L" in Freiwilliger, pin bent; 


9711  VERBANDSMEISTER DES DEUTSCHEN JÄGERBUNDES IM KLEINKALIBERSCHIESSEN-EHRENZEICHEN 1935 - (ASSOCIATION MASTERS of THE GERMAN HUNTERS ASSOCIATION IN  SMALL CALIBER SHOOTING); H:35mm, W:25mm; very crisp gold lettering (poor scan), rack & crown, rim, & back; stamped "935" on the reverse; twin rivets holding the hunting emblem to the front; dark green enamel badge, high crisp detail; an outstanding original period collectible.



NSDAP PARTY BADGE - Enamel, RZM M1/103, maker CARL POELLATH, SCHROBENHAUSEN, 22mm., spring tension pin and catch. 


40084 NSDAP PARTY BADGE - Enamel, Ges. Gesch, pre-RZM, 22mm., spring tension pin and catch.  



DEUTSCHES SCHWESTERNBROSCHE FÜR HELFERIN - (German Red Cross Helpers Badge for Women) - 30mm, vaulted bronze over enamel and silvering; red cross on white with black border; "Rotes Kreuz Helferin,"  interspaced with two swastikas;  pin and protective catch.  Outstanding Condition & hard to find item.



DEUTSCHES SCHWESTERNBROSCHE  - (German Red Cross  Badge for Women) - directly acquired from Germany, enamel with gold lettering & back, 35mm diameter; pin and deluxe protective catch.  Original period badge in mint condition.


9126b NS WOMEN'S ORGANISATIONS - (Agricultural Women's Housewives Club) 30mm, high silver alloy, articulated in detail a honey bee at the center of a blue enameled ring which says " For Approved Loyal - Agricultural Women's Housewife's Club"; with protected pin back. Very delicate and ornate piece.  Light wear to the bee. RARE!



NSDAP GRENZLANDTREFFEN - KARLSRUHE 1933 - (Border Area Meetings surrounding Karlsruhe) 24x49mm; maker by R.SCHENKEL, PFÖRZHEIM. -  UNWORN &  RARE



GAULEITER HANS SCHEMM (1891-1935) - Memorial Death Tinnie; Schemm was Gauleiter of Bavarian-Ostmark from 1928 to 1935 until his death from an airplane crash.



DAF-ARBEITSBESCHAFFUNG - 1934 - (Work Procurement) acquired directly from Germany; 35x40mm; pin back; excellent condition.



NS REICHSKRIEGERBUND - Stickpin, 14x55mm; Red enamel in the form of a tapered shield; at its center is an iron cross with a swastika encircled therein.  In MINT condition, marker marked  GES GESCH   "1", by  DESCHLER & SÖHN, MÜNCHEN.


N006 REICHS DEUTSCHE KINDERABZEICHEN - (German Children's Care Badge); directly acquired in Germany; 23mm, pin back, GES GESCH "B" enclosed in a circle. Black and red enamel, features a bird with wings outstretched, brooding several little ones underneath. Light wear, hard to find item in good condition.  RARE  



SA WETTKAMPFTAGE - HAMBURG - 14-18 JUNI 1939 -  A nice non-metallic Tinnie 38mm, RICHARD SIEPER & SÖHNE, LÜDENSHEID; RZM M9/25


2501 NSDAP PARTEITAG HANNOVER 1934 - Party Day Badge for South Hannover Gau, 1934; hollow backed; maker marked F. LINDEN, LÜDENSHEID



KREISTREFFEN der NSDAP in CELLE - 1936- directly acquired from Germany; made from non-metallic material pin backed. Lettering etched in Gold colour; 13 & 14 June 1936;  MINT EXAMPLE